‘Our business is to make sure we know your business - once this is established then everything else falls into place’

It seems simple really but without knowing what your financial aims and aspirations are, how can a trusted, long term relationship begin? 

At Jamie Lewington & Co. Ltd, this is what we are all about. We passionately believe that to enhance the wealth of our clients we first need to fully understand where you want to be and when, and then we make sure this is not left to chance. 

We believe these plans need to be constantly reviewed and updated in line with ‘life’, which has a habit of throwing up the unexpected, and that’s before we start on the complex legislation that surrounds financial services! 

This is why we believe that giving first-class ‘face-to-face’ advice is a ‘must’, and not a ‘nice to have’. 

We would be delighted to talk with you further to discuss any aspect of your financial situation.

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